Centre for Science Communication students collaborate on Museum balance exhibition


Led by Prof. Nancy Longnecker, first-year students from the Centre recently teamed up with Associate Prof. Debra Waters from the Department of Medicine to codevelop an interactive science exhibit at the Otago Museum as part of the The Ageing Well National Science Challenge. The product is a fun, educational exhibit, titled "Well Balanced," that was designed for all ages and consists of a series of hand-on, immersive activities based around the principles of strength and balance. Visitors get to test their hand and trunk strength, dexterity, and balance by using a range of devices such as Wii Fit (Nintendo gaming console), hula hoops, and balance boards. Engagement with this museum exhibit is meant to convey the importance of strength and balance in people's everyday lives.

The Well Balanced exhibition is free, and runs until 29 January. 




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